DCC System

Around the corner, to the left of this sign you can see the system which controls all the trains on our railroad. Called DCC, (Digital Comannd Control) it uses a computer network run over the tracks to control the trains. The network is managed by a command station, which receives instructions from the controllers (called throttles) and transmits them to the trains.

Each locomotive has a miniature computer inside of it. This computer, called a DCC Decoder, is programmed to respond to a specific number. The locomotive listens for its number to be called. When it hears its number the locomotive does whatever the command station tells it. This can be something simple like changing speed, or something more complex like playing a specific sound. Different decoders will have different capabilities, but all speak the same language so as to avoid confusion.

Below this sign there are panels for throttles that are used to control the trains. Unlike the signal between the command station and the trains, the signal between the command station and throttles usually only works with throttles made by the same company as the command station.

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